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8sense system is an innovative back-coach and wearable device, that gives constant feedback on user’s posture, allowing him to strengthen or relieve backmuscles and improve muscle-memory. The system is based on accurate measurement parameters that cover your back, enhanced by a sensor located at your neck. The system is supported by advanced estimation algorithms and feedback is given in real-time, which promotes users’ adherence. The 8sense system also allows for the execution of different sets of exercises that are recommended for the prevention of back pain.

The therapy module of the system allows for improved communication with the physiotherapist: at prescription stage, the physiotherapist will be able to define the set of exercises that most suitably responds to patient specific needs; and, during the treatment, the physiotherapist will access patient’s monitoring information that he will use for feedback and readjustments (if required). 


At 8sense we strongly share a passion for health and sports and have a common vision. We believe that a better self-understanding of our health and body is the basement to change people’s mind-set from the reactive to a holistic proactive approach. With 8sense people are able to understand their back pain problems, their body functions and feel motivated due to seeing progress and change. With 8sense people are willingly to change their habits.

"8sense - the world's first smart back sensor - with virtual coach"

Detect, analyze and improve your posture and movements and redesign your ever day’s life for sustainable back health.

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